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Latest News

The new ultra-sophisticated aluminium system from Reynaers now available at Grabex. Click on the image for more details.

05 Oct

At long last, the Hi-Finity Reynaers sliding door system is now available in the UK. Grabex manufactures these ultra-sophisticated sliding patio doors in our Croydon factory. We first saw the doors in March at Eco Build 2013. As total double glazing geeks, we got super excited by what we experienced.The automatic, frameless, floor-to-ceiling sliding system

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01 Jun

What is your GRAND design? Grand Designs Live is the biggest contemporary home show in the UK. It always provides plenty of inspiration and advice for people looking to renovate or redecorate their homes. Yet again, Grabex Windows exhibited in a Grand Build Section and attracted lots of attention with a carefully designed stand. This


21 Apr
What is GGF?

Grabex is not only an active member of FENSA but also a leading authority within glass and glazing industry called Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF). It is a trade association set up in 1977 with a main goal of continuously improving standards within the industry. It is recognised by government, helps to implement new technical

03 Apr
New Panoramic Aspect PVC Residential and French Doors

At Grabex, we always strive to expand our offer to benefit customers. We would like to introduce panoramic Aspect PVC residential and French doors. This new range features slimmer lines and can be matched with our highly popular Aspect bi-fold door. New fully glazed residential door combines all the possible advantages – gives you a


09 Mar
FENSA – industry standards for you!

The Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme, commonly known as FENSA, was set up by the Government after being encouraged by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF). The new Building Regulations for England and Wales came into force on the 1st of April 2002. Any replacement windows or doors should comply with the new requirements regarding improved thermal


02 Mar
Double glazing – uncovered

Everyone is switching to double glazed windows now. Have you actually ever wondered how double glazing works? Traditional single glazed unit is nothing more than a single pane of glass fitted within a frame. Unfortunately these units can be responsible for letting out up to 30% of heat from your house. Not to mention, ground


24 Feb
Energy efficiency numbers made simple…

If you are about to install new windows, remember that they should comply with UK Building Regulations. Have you heard about Energy Index and Window Energy Rating (WER)? At Grabex, all of our windows are compliant and always correctly installed. With our products, you will notice a marked reduction of your heating bills. The British


24 Feb
Trickle Vents – It’s all about fresh air

It’s a fact that poor ventilation affects our health. In the past, this problem didn’t really exist because improperly installed windows and doors, leaky lofts and uncarpeted floors caused a lot of draughts and ventilated the building quite well. Nowadays, draughts are not as common. Double glazed window units and proper insulation help to create


10 Feb
Accoya Wood at Grabex Windows

The Future of Timber Here at Grabex we only use the highest quality products and that is why we are proud to offer a revolutionary, long-life timber product called Accoya Wood. Why is it so special? Imagine a timber that can be a robust alternative to standard wood with its zero toxicity, significantly reduced maintenance